Забронируйте в RYOURIYA MATSU

▶ About reservation
· We will keep the card information at the time of reservation, but the settlement will not be done.
※ Please pay the actual usage fee at the accounting on the day.
* It may change from the display price according to the purchase situation.
· 10% of service fee is charged separately for lunch course and dinner course.
· Use of lunch will be cash only.

▶ About cancellation
· Cancellation of the previous day and that day, Full charge of the course fee you have booked as cancellation fee We will ask you to cancel, so please be sure to cancel by the previous day.
· If you are late for more than 30 minutes from reservation time without contact, we will automatically cancel it.

▶ About the start time of cooking
(Lunch) 12: 00 ~ start all at once.
(Dinner) 18: 00 ~ start all at once.
10 лет и младше
5 лет и младше


The contents of the dish will be suggested for each customer according to customers preference and arrival status of ingredients. If you would like to change the menu by preference, allergy etc. please fill in here.
Please write if you have time to leave the store.

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