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About the new coronavirus The latest! June 12, 2020 Tokyo has canceled the alert and the stage has been further relaxed, so we will be operating as usual from June 15, 2020 (Monday). We will continue to respond depending on the situation. Not only delicious, "safety measures" are supported by customers. ① All private rooms have windows to let in a fresh breeze ② The building is in its own building and is now under negative pressure forcibly taking in outside air (the opposite is the case for ordinary buildings) ③ All floors, Alcohol disinfectant sprays are installed in all guest rooms and toilets. ④ A germicidal lamp is constantly turned on at the intake of the air conditioner, and the air flow is purified by ultraviolet rays and ozone like sunlight. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------- Please note the following when making a reservation. When you make a reservation, you agree to the following items at that time. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------- ■ The contents of the food may change depending on the circumstances. ■Payment should be made on the day of payment (cash, credit card, electronic money, etc.). We do not accept invoice payments. ■Cannot be used with coupons, service tickets, meal tickets and other services. ■The private room is available for leaving at 22:00. Even within the all-you-can-drink time limit, we will give priority to the leaving time. ■ Our shop is completely non-smoking all day including private rooms, corridors and toilets. For smoking, please use the smoking area in Yaesu underground shopping area. ■ Cancellation fee: About cancellation (Please note that you must agree to the reservation below.) ■We will charge the cancellation fee according to the following rate regardless of the reason.・For customers who booked within 48 hours of the reservation time: 25% of the reservation price, 36 hours or less: 50%, 24 hours or less: 75%, 12 hours or less: 100%. *Payment must be made within 7 days from the date of reservation. *If you cancel by phone, we will ask the staff name corresponding to the date and time and check it with the call record. If you can not confirm it, it will be canceled without permission, so be sure to make a note. ■ Cooking service for dishes: No service charge (10%) will be charged for tables other than private rooms, but 10% of the total amount of food and drink will be charged if you apply for a sharing service. ■ Responding to allergies (anaphylactic shock, etc.): We are unable to respond to food allergies. Please refrain from including food allergies as it is dangerous.
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