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-Respect the roots- Welcome to erre's online booking page. Please make a reservation after confirming the following notes. ▶ About reservation time・ If you cannot contact us after 30 minutes from the time of reservation, we may be forced to cancel your reservation.・ If you cancel on the day, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Please contact us as soon as possible when making changes. Please note that it may not be possible to accommodate seat requests or seat requests.・ Reservable number of people Counter 1 to 2 people Table 2 to 4 people Private room (1 room) 2 to 4 people ▶ About companion of children ・ When accompanied by children, only children who can eat the same course as adults It will be a guide.・ Small children who cannot attend the course will be guided through a private room. Please contact us in advance by telephone. ▶ Please contact the store directly for reservations of 5 people or more. Inquiries by phone: 078-862-6674


Please let us know if you have a celebration message.
* The content of the message is limited to a word of birthday or celebration.
Example: Happy Birthday 〇◯
Example: Congratulations 〇〇
Are there any ingredients you are not good at or are allergic to?
Please be sure to provide details if applicable.

Example: One crustacean allergy, no body. The extract through the fire is OK.
Example: One egg allergy, hamburger connection etc. OK.
Example: Both are not good at garlic
* Due to purchasing, we cannot change the menu on the day.

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