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Due to the issuance of the state of emergency, we will shorten the business hours and stop serving alcohol all day on the following schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. Period: Until Sunday, August 22, 2021 [Lunch] 11: 30-14: 00 (Last order) [Dinner] 16: 30-20: 00 (Last order 19:00) Regular holiday: Every Monday Alcohol It will be provided until 19:00. (Limited to 4 people.) * The shortened period and business hours are subject to change without notice depending on future circumstances. ****************************************************** ** ▶ A 100% cancellation charge will be charged for cancellations on the day. ▶ All seats are non-smoking. ▶ If you are more than 15 minutes behind the reservation time without contacting us, we may cancel your reservation automatically. * A 10% service charge will be added to the displayed charge. * Please note that menu contents and prices are subject to change. * The rice used in the menu is domestically produced. * Alcoholic beverages cannot be provided to customers under the age of 20 and those who drive a car. ※The image is an image. ****************************************************** ** Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi 06-6244-9711
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Yêu cầu

食特定原材料7品目とアーモンドを除いた特定原材料に準ずる20品目(特定原材料等27品目)の食物アレルギーをお持ちのお客様には、「低アレルゲンメニュー」 を推奨しております。ご希望の場合は3日前までにご予約をお願いいたします。

お手数ですがご来店の方全員のアレルギー食材をご記入いただきますようお願いいたします。 アレルギー食材がない場合は なし とご記入ください。

本人 蕎麦アレルギー 
同伴者 生のエビカニアレルギー(ソース等完全に火が入ったものはOK) など
入力例:「Happy birthday お名前」/「Happy Wedding Anniversary」

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