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1-4-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Dining Courses

Regarding Online Reservations

◆ Maximum 6 people in a party. (if it is 5~6 people, book a private room. Dinning table is maximum 4 people.) ◆ We do not have kids menu. ◆Please avoid using strong smell perfume or colognes for flavor of food. ◆ Gluten-free menu is very limited as we use wheat flour in our Soba and soy sauce for most of our dishes, and please be aware that we cannot serve 100% gluten-free items as the kitchen is not a gluten free environment. ◆Vegan/vegetarian course and a la carte options are unfortunately not available as the main dashi (stock) we make contains fish broth. ▶Cancellation of Reservations (Cancellation of course menu) 50% the day before, 100% on the day of the reservation (Cancellation of the seat without course)¥3,000 the day before, ¥5,000 on the day of the reservation ◆Please be aware that your reservation will be automatically cancelled if we are not contacted before your reservation time.

Traditional Soba restaurant in Shibuya
Authentic Japanese Soba

Try authentic Japanese soba in a simple yet impressive traditional restaurant. This space has an elegant interior, complete with Ikebana flower arrangements, that complements this casual yet powerful dish.

We're passionate about Soba

We love soba noodles! All our noodles are kneaded by hand and prepared here at our restaurant. We have a selection of creative dishes such as soba with sea urchin, mozzarella cheese or buckwheat dumplings. Try our Japanese wafers with cream cheese for dessert. We use only organic vegetables directly delivered from local farms.

A colorful selection of dishes

Our thin al dente noodles are made using the best soba wheat, and our chefs even adjust their kneading techniques depending on the day’s weather! Other than delicious soba, we also serve sashimi, side dishes, Japanese sake, desserts, and changing seasonal delicacies.

Japanese, Soba Noodles, Sake & Shochu Bar
¥1,000 ~ ¥2,000
¥5,000 ~ ¥7,000
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1-4-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

6 minutes walk (434m)

Shibuya Station

6 minutes walk (434m)


11 minutes walk (795m)

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