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Pickup, Delivery & Vouchers

As an effort to help restaurants cope with the adverse effects caused by COVID-19, we have launched 3 new modes for TableCheck - Pickup, Delivery & Vouchers. All of these can be used free-of-charge and can be set up within a day.

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The TableCheck Ecosystem

Manage your business efficiently from anywhere using your preferred device, and monitor your table utilization in real-time. Our product ecosystem connects you directly to your diners using the most advanced technology in the industry.

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Know Your Customers

Knowing your best customers is the key to growing any business. TableCheck empowers you to own your customer data, identify your VIP customers, and build personalized experiences to encourage them to visit more often.

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Reduce No-Shows and Cancellations

Devise your own cancellation policy to maximize covers and minimize revenue loss. Configure promotional courses that require advance payment, and prevent no-shows by charging customers for canceled reservations.

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Business Intelligence

Insight, our BI and analytics tool, complements our core product suite by automating business decisions for restaurant managers, marketing directors, and revenue managers. Improve efficiency by identifying and monetizing patterns in reservation and diner experience.

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Manage Multiple Channels

TableCheck includes reservation and waitlist management, free online booking through your website and social media sites, automated phone booking, cancellation protection, CRM, POS integration and much more.

Automatically import bookings from multiple channels and partners. Discover various ways to attract bookings and manage them all under TableCheck.

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Reservation & Table Management System
TableCheck is a global restaurant technology platform designed to help restaurants manage their diner experience in-house.
Customer Marketing & Management
With our CRM tools you can maintain detailed guest profiles, recognize your VIPs, and share customer information across outlets.
Insight is an analytics tool for management-level reporting, data visualization, forecasting, and AI decision-making.
Automate your workflow with integrations such as SMS, CTI, Point-of-Sale, credit card payments (including cancel protection), automated phone booking, and customer email marketing.

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TableCheck releases the latest data analysis on the restaurant industry every Tuesday at Noon ※Updated on 9th July, 2021

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