Spend more time delighting your guests with exceptional experiences and drive long-term ROI—all while your operations run smoothly in the background.

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Retain guests to boost ROI

Drive repeat visits

Drive repeat visits

Engage with your guests both pre and post-visit and create immersive digital experiences to drive them back to your restaurant.

Build direct relationships

Build direct relationships

Gather insights and own your guest data collected through third-party acquisition channels to establish direct relationships with your guests and drive customer loyalty.

Create memories

Create memories

Add an extra touch to guest visits and create spectacular moments using guest profiles and data.

Put Your brand first

Boost brand awareness and enhance your visibility with our white-label solution.

White-labelled emails, waitlist and reservations

Customized booking journey

Custom feedback surveys with your own logos

Understand your guests

Improve overall guest satisfaction by understanding their preferences, history, and feedback. Share data across your restaurant group.

View & share guest profiles across your venues

Understand guest preference, spending habits and history

Guest feedback survey

Streamline operations

Automatically take new reservations, import them from multiple channels and reduce operational tasks all in one platform.

Detailed guest profiles & reservation history

Auto import bookings from multiple channels

24/7 booking system with automated IVR system

Drive repeat visits

Create personalized and special experiences for your guests to keep them coming back for more.

Personalized booking experience

Understand guest spending, habits & history

Custom guest feedback survey

Reduce cancellations

Customize your payment policy to reduce revenue from last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

Seamless process with Contactless Pay

Custom payment policy

Prepayment & deposits

Pickup & delivery

Add new revenue streams to your business by taking online orders, all with zero commission.

Limited time coupons & offers

Take orders directly from Facebook & Instagram

Zero commision

Maximize channel value

Understand which marketing channels are driving growth to your business using TableCheck Insight.

Rank channels by average guest spend, total reservations, booking lead times and etc.

Track marketing performance over time with custom time comparisons

Share & compare dashboard across your entire restaurant group

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