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《Dinner》Entrance time 18:00 or 19:00
Maximum of 4 people per group.

▶Only the chef’s own speciality dishes (omakase) are available.
▶If you can't contact us after 30 minutes of the reservation time, we may have to cancel it, so please be sure to contact us if you are late.
▶Children only of 10 years of age and over are allowed in the restaurant and who are able to eat the same menu as adults. If there are any children in your group, let us know in advance.
Please refrain from wearing strong perfume as they disturb other guests. We would like to our guests to enjoy the smells of foods and wines, but strong perfumes interrupt them.
▶ Cancellation charges apply
・Cancellation 24 hours in advance &Change in number of people: 100%
・Cancellation 48 hours in advance &Change in number of people: 50%
▶ We add a 5% service charge to the bill.

Inquiries : 075-352-4570
※Please note that customer service by telephone is only available in Japanese.


If you have any food allergies, please let us know in advance.
Please note that it is not possible to change the menu on the day.
If none, please fill in "none".

<<Example>> ※ Please fill in clearly.
Allergic to eggs ( well cooked is ok )
Allergic to crustaceans ( soup is also not good )
One person is pregnant, so raw food is not acceptable.

① Pork, eggs, wheat, dairy products, onions, carrots, rare grilled meat, and raw seafood are used frequently, so it is difficult to remove them.
②We are afraid but we can’t accept the requests below. Thank you for your understanding.
(1)Vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian foods
(2)No fish, No meat

* We reserve the right to refuse bookings in the event of food allergies or other difficulties.
<<For tourists >> ※Optional
Please let us know the hotel’s name you are staying at.

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