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■If you have changed your name of your reservation, please note that it will be overwritten reserve the name of your reservation history and previously all.

■Online reservations are generally available up to six months ahead. Please refer to the date and time of your reservation accepted in so different for each plan.

■Regarding specify your seat, but you may not meet your needs, please be understanding of this beforehand.

■All rates are not included of a service charge and consumption tax.

■Photographs posted are for reference only.

■Please note that there is a case where we are allowed to the reservation confirmation of your phone.

■Order number of people, depends on such guidance time for each plan. Please make your reservation on the check the contents always on the home page.

■If you have any food allergies, please do not hesitate to notify us at the time of booking.Depending on the situation of allergies, we are not able to guarantee to your request.

■Cancellations for restaurant reservations at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu must be made at least six days prior to the reserved date during business hours. Otherwise, the following cancellation fees will incur for parties of 4 or more.

5 days prior will incur a 30% fee
3 days to 24 hours prior will incur a 50% fee
Cancellation on the day of will incur a 100% fee

* The cancellation fee per person is equal to the minimum course price offered at the restaurant at the time of the reservation.
* Cancellations due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters do not apply.
65 years and over
12 years and under
3 years and under


If you have any allergy in food, please kindly inform us.

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