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About seats:
All seats are counters.

In addition, please refrain from those who can not eat raw fish and rice.

・Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to enter the store. (There is no limit for those staying at Park Hyatt Niseko HANAZONO.)
・Even children aged 11 years or older are not allowed to eat one person.
・We cannot respond to allergies of children for safety reasons. In addition, we may refuse the use of seats if we cannot make a declaration in advance. Please note that in that case a cancellation fee will be charged.

For reservations for more than 6 people, please contact the store directly.

Changes to the reservation details
If there is a change in the reservation details, please note that it is necessary to cancel once and re-book.

※ In our shop, menu and cancellation fee are different depending on winter and summer.


If you have any foods that you are not allergic to, please describe.
* Please note that depending on the content, we may not be able to respond.

Guest Details

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