Pickup time

Booking Policy

[About reservations]
▶Please place your order by 10:00 AM the day before.
▶If you need paper bags, please add the required number to your cart.
▶We cannot accept changes after your reservation. If you wish to make any changes, please cancel your reservation and make a new one.

■When picking up at the store, please provide your name and reservation ID.
■If you have not purchased a paper bag, please bring your own bag.
■Even if there are customers waiting in line when you pick up your bag, please enter the store if you do not wish to purchase additional items and inform a staff member that you have a reservation. If you wish to purchase additional items, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait in line.
■If you are more than an hour late for your reservation without contacting us, your reservation will be automatically canceled and we will not be able to refund your money, so please be aware of this in advance.
■We do not have a phone number. Please contact us via our official LINE.