Réserver à THE APOLLO

【Information on RAW WINE Special Dinner 】
The following information is for RAW WINE dinner only. Guests going to make a reservation for RAW WINE special dinner, please confirm the following terms and skip the others with the title of "Information on THE APOLLO's Normal Reservations".

PAYMENT: please definitely choose"Pay your bill with Contactless Pay".
・No need to designate seating categories (just choose table, please). We will assign all participants' seats in advance.
・Please write down your Company name (winery, importer, distribution name) on REQUESTS below.
・If you are going to make a reservation for more than one person with different courses, please write down who will have which course on REQUESTS below.
・If you have any food allergies, please specify on REQUESTS below.
・Any cancellation made from April 29th and later, will be charged 100% of the reservation amount.

【Information on THE APOLLO's Normal Reservations】

▶Please contact us if you need to change or cancel your reservation. If more than 15 minutes exceed the reserved time, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.
※ If crowded, the table is limitedly available for 2 hours.
※With course use, that customers at the same table order the same courses is requested for that dishes are served with platter-sharing style.
※Restaurant floor is closed at 11pm everyday.
▶Please fill your occasions (birthday, business meeting, etc.) in REQUESTS below, or the details about food allergies.
▶If there are children among your group, please fill the number of people and age in REQUESTS below.
※Please fill the information in REQUESTS below or contact us in advance if you will visit with a stroller.
▶Please be informed that tables cannot be specified, and we may not comply with your requests about tables depending on situations.

【Cancellation Policy】
▶Reservation for the table only
On that day without contact in advance: 2,000JPY (per person)
▶Reservation for course
On that day without contact in advance: 100% of reserved course price (per person)
※Cancellation Policy is also applicable to case of changing number of people. If you need to change the number of people, please definitely contact us in advance.
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