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▶︎We do not accept reservations for lunch time.
▶︎If you can not contact after 15 minutes of reservation time, it may be treated as cancellation, so please be sure to contact us in case of delay.
▶︎Accompanying children are limited to elementary school students and above.
▶︎Generally, raw meat is at risk for food poisoning. Please refrain from eating raw meat if you are a child, elderly people, or people who are less resistant to food poisoning.
▶︎If you are accompanied by children, please select the number in the [Child] column.
※ We will keep your card information at the time of booking but it will not be settled.Please pay the actual usage fee at the store on the same day.
12 years and under


Please fill in if you have any allergens.
Please choose your preferred seating type. Private room reservation will be given priority over 3 persons.
The private room hope for two people may not correspond. Please acknowledge it.

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