Reserviere ASAHINA Gastronome

Please read the notice below before making your reservation.

▶Please indicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions when you make your reservation.

▶Private dining has a minimum charge of 10,000 yen (not including 10% service) per person and private dining room fee of 10,000 yen.

▶Children the age of ten or older are welcomed in the dining room and children the age of six or older are welcomed in the private dining space.

▶People on the same table are required to order same courses.


▶We will charge the full menu price which you reserved in the case of cancelations on the same day.
▶For the course "Dinner MENU Trésor", 100% cancellation fee applies if you cancel 3-day prior to your visiting date.


▶Jackets are recommended for men but not required. Shorts, sandals and ripped jeans are not permitted for any guest.


If you have any allergy in food or food you do not eat, please kindly inform us.
If you would like us to prepare a dessert plate with a personal message,
please write your message in the request box below.

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