Reserviere BiriyaniOsawa

Serving style
We serve only Biriyani. No other dish or appetizer.
Biriyani is cooked at the same time for 20 guests. There are 10 seats on the counter so we serve them in two rounds separately.

- First round
Biriyani is served right after cooking. Recommended for the beginners.
Entry is allowed 45 min before the starting to eat (18:00 for dinner).
You have about 35 min to eat after being served.

- Second round
You have more time to eat than the first round.
You can also order an additional portion with an extra charge of 500 yen or take out a full dish with 2000 yen until the stock gets over.
We set the entry time as early as possible so as not to lose its flavor while giving the first-round customers enough time to eat. Sorry for having you kept waiting. We will call you when the tables get ready.

- 1st round
Open at         11: 30
Start eating at      12: 15
Closed at        ~ 12:55
- 2nd round
Entry and start eating at  13: 00 ~
Close at        ~ 14:00

- 1st round
Open at         18:00
Start eating at      18: 45
Closed at       ~ 19:25
- 2nd round
Entery and start eating at 19: 30 ~ (Friday 19:45~)
Close at        ~ 20:30

- If you come more than 15 min late, please take away your dish. If you come more than 1 hour late, it is regarded as cancelled and you will be fully charged.
- We require 1 day cancellation notice prior to your day of visit, otherwise we will charge you 100% of your total amount.
- Please do not lose your way. When you check Google Maps, you may find another restaurant at the same address, which is Spice Box, the next door. If you find soba restaurant Honoka, that is the right building. Our restaurant is on its underground floor.

Reservation starts at 0:00, 7 days before and is accepted until 1 hour before the day of visit, if there is room (there is always a chance of cancelling).
Check Twitter or Facebook for our business day.

We appreciate your understanding and support on our contactless payment policy (PayPay, Suica, PASMO, iD, QuickPay, Apple Pay, Credit Card supporting one-touch payment)


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