Reserviere Restaurant C'EST SYMPA

▶Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request for seat selection.
▶If we cannot contact you within 20 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation, so please be sure to contact us if you will be late.
▶For reservations for 5 or more people, please contact the store directly.
▶Some allergic ingredients may not be available upon request. (gluten, milk, eggs, grapes, alcohol, cochineal, etc.)
▶We do not support Halal, Vegan, etc.

▶As we are a small shop, we do not have space for you to wait inside, so please arrive during opening hours.

[Regarding reservations for children]
We only accept reservations for those who are junior high school students or older and who can enjoy the same menu as adults.


If you have any food allergies, please include them in your list.
We may not be able to accommodate you on the same day.
*Please let us know in advance if there are any ingredients you are refraining from due to pregnancy.
*There is no Halal menu.
*If none, please write "None".
Plates can be prepared for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
If you wish, please enter the content of your message.
Example: HappyBirthday 〇〇
(25 English characters, 18 kana characters)
*Complex characters such as kanji cannot be included.
*We do not support general events such as Valentine's Day or personal messages.

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