Reserviere Teppanyaki Kinyoutei - Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

▶ meals applications (birthday, entertainment, etc.) and, please let us know and food allergy.
▶ Regarding your designated seats, because there if you do not meet your needs also, please note.

▶ your reservation at the dinner will be a two-part system. Some until 18:30, the two parts please visiting after 20:30.

▶ private room (a total of 2 rooms * capacity 5 people, capacity 8 people) / total 13 seats worth
Room Type / 1-3 people 5,000 yen (lunch) / 10,000 yen (dinner)
4 people or more 3,000 yen (lunch) / 5,000 yen (dinner)
※ Use of the private room, the course per person 9,800 yen (tax and service) available upon ~.

※ separately in the rates, consumption tax 8% service charge and 12% will be added.

※ private room and various plans, please contact the restaurant reservation time of 8 persons or more reservations 092-844-8000. (Hours 9:00 to 18:00)
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Gast Einzelheiten

※ Bitte achten sie dafür, dass sie von dem "" Domain Emails bekommen können.
Ihre Reservierung wird nicht gebucht, bis er auf der nächsten Seite bestätigt wird.