First, please select your desired cuisine and proceed to make a reservation. [Limited time: Hayasakura Kaiseki] *February 15th - March 15th [Limited time: Matsuba crab special course (from 4 people)] * - March 31st [Special selection kaiseki 55,000 yen/88,000 yen ] [This month's lowest price guarantee course] *Only available on the official website [Kaiseki] [Specialty Mizutaki] [ Shabu-shabu ] [Sukiyaki] [Zashiki Tempura] ● Online reservations are accepted until 2 days before the desired date (20:00). I am. ● We may call you to confirm your reservation. ● Please refrain from visiting bare feet as the building has tatami flooring. ● Please refrain from bringing in food and drinks. (Excluding baby food for children) ●Due to sanitary reasons, it is not possible to take out food and drinks provided by our restaurant. (The same applies to guests who are absent on the day or leftover food.) ● In addition to food and drinks, room charges and service charges (15% for lunch and 20% for dinner) will be charged. Tsukiji Osamu: 03-3541-2391 Click here for Tsukiji Osamu's website
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Please let us know the purpose of use.
Please fill in details such as allergies and ingredients you cannot eat. (If not, please write "None.") Also, if you require vegetarian meals, please write the number of people.
Please let us know if you have a preference for seating type (tatami room, horigotatsu, chair/table). Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request.

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