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[Activity Reservation Top Page] Click here for all activities that can be booked. For reservations the day before or on the day, please contact us directly at the counter or by phone. Leisure Direct Phone Number: 098-966-1301 [Information on the business status of in-house facilities] Please click here for the latest business status of each facility. [Information for customers using Manza Ocean Park®] There may be times when the service is unavailable due to maintenance or low tide. Please check the cancellation times here . [Information for customers taking sunset cruises] Departure times vary depending on the schedule. After checking the departure time for each schedule, "--time--" Please select your reservation time. Click here for details on departure times. Note: The tour may be canceled due to weather conditions on the day, equipment adjustments, etc. Please note. Parking fee for outside guests *Parking fee includes facility usage fee. Collection period: March 17, 2024 to October 31, 2024 Car/motorcycle/3,000 yen each, bus 4,500 yen Facility usage fee (Customers arriving by taxi or on foot will be charged a facility usage fee.) 500 yen per person (3 years old and over) Cancellation policy Cancellations due to customer convenience on the day will incur a 100% cancellation fee . Please be careful. There will be no cancellation fee for cancellations made up to the day before.
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