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▶ About reservation

◯ When you make a reservation, we will require the credit card infomation,but the settlement will not be done.
* Please pay fee at check in that day.
◯ Please reserve up to [050 3177 5277] and enter ② after making a reservation for more than 12 people.
◯ We are refusing to use children under 5 years old. Please note.
◯ There is no parking lot dedicated to the store, no bicycle parking space.

▶ About your seat

◯ We may not be able to respond to your seats' request.
◯ You may be asked for sharing a seat when crowded.
◯ We are not accepting wheelchairs because we do not correspond to barrier-free.

▶ About cancellation

◯ If you are late for more than 30 minutes than reservation time, we will cancel automatically.
◯ 11:30 reservations is a 90 minute system, so even if you are late, the departure time is 90 minutes after reservation time.


If you have allergies please let us know. If you are allergic to many, we may not correspond.
※ There is offer of sorry. Please be sure to fill out allergies

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