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▶ About reservations
◯ Card information will be kept when making reservations for 5 or more people, but payment will not be made.
* Please pay the actual usage fee at each store on the day of the event.

◯ We accept reservations from 1 person. It will end as soon as the seats are full.
◯ The maximum number of people per group is 6 people.
(To ensure social distance, please refrain from using it in groups at present.)

◯ We do not allow children under 5 years old to use it. Please note.
◯ There is no parking lot or bicycle parking lot exclusively for stores.
Please use the nearby coin parking lot.
▶ About seats
◯ We may not be able to meet your seat request. Please note.
◯ There are table seats and counter seats for 8 people, and we may ask you to share a seat when it is crowded.
For seats reserved at 12:00, we ask that you use the 90-minute system. Please understand.
Due to seating arrangements, seats may be limited to 90 minutes if it gets crowded. Please understand.
* When you come to the store, we will inform you about the time limit when it is crowded.
◯ Please refrain from using wheelchairs because the building of Kyomachiya does not support barrier-free access.
▶ Cancellation

Cancellation on the day will be charged as a cancellation fee.
100% of meal fee Please be sure to cancel or increase or decrease the number of people.
Until the day before Please contact us.
◯ From the reserved time without contacting us 30 minutes or more Automatically if delayed Cancel I will do it.
A reservation completion email will be sent to the email address when you entered the reservation.
For cancellations and changes, please follow the link in the body of this email.


If you have allergies, please let us know your allergies and how many people you have.
Soba is offered. If you have allergies, be sure to fill in.

All allergen ingredients are cooked in the same kitchen. If allergies are severe or severe, we may not be able to respond.
※Please reply it in English or Japanese

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