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▶Dinner time is 120 minutes from the reservation time, and lunch time is 90 minutes from the reservation time.
▶Please note that business hours may change depending on the situation on the day. ▶Reservations are only accepted for restaurant seats for lunch and dinner.
▶︎If you have children, please also enter the number of children.
▶We do not accept reservations for the cafe/bar, so please visit us directly.
▶Please note that if we are unable to contact you within 15 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation.
▶A separate service charge (10%) will be charged for dinner and bar time.
We cannot accept requests for seats.
▶︎In case of rain or strong winds, we will not be able to offer seating on the terrace.
▶If you have any other requests, please contact the store directly. (
▶ Click here to make a reservation for Lovers Afternoon Tea

▶ Click here to make a reservation for takeout Basque Cheesecake
12 years and under
5 years and under


If you have any food allergies, please let us know.
Also, if you wish to bring a stroller, please enter the number of strollers.
We can accommodate up to 2 cars.
Please note that if you have 3 or more cars, we will have to keep them with you.
We do not accept reservations for desserts such as cheesecake or pancakes.
Also. We cannot guarantee seat requests. Thank you for your understanding.

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