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▼ ▽ ▼ Important news about new coronavirus ▼ ▽ ▼ Thank you for always using Kiba Park BBQ. Due to the large number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo, we will reserve and use the barbecue plaza based on the policy of Tokyo as follows. ● The barbecue plaza cannot be used during the period from March 28 (Sat) to May 31 (Sun), including use by bringing in. ● For the time being, new and additional reservations for the April barbecue square cannot be made. ● Reservations cannot be made after May for the barbecue plaza for the time being. Future correspondence will be announced on the website. We are very sorry, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation. [Reservation acceptance start date and time] Accepts reservations for one month on the 10th of every month (1st to end of the month) Online reservation: from 10am Phone (Reservation Center 050-5835-0493): From 10:00 am * The site of use on the day will specify the location from within the block. [Available time] 10: 00-16: 00 [Notes] 1, You can apply for up to 20 people in one block and up to 60 people in 3 blocks. You cannot make more than 2 reservations on weekends and holidays in the same month. If two or more reservations are confirmed, we may cancel the reservation, leaving only one application first. 2. Online reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance. 3. If you cannot use it on the reservation day, please cancel immediately. 4. The site will specify the location from among the parcels. Please be forewarned. ▶ Precautions for use①Business activities without permission are prohibited. If there is a reservation or use for business purposes, we will refuse use. ② Please order equipment + food plan for the number of adults. In addition, due to hygiene management, additional ingredients cannot be brought in. ③ Bringing in burning equipment requires prior application.物 Please bring all the items you brought in, including garbage. Also It is forbidden to leave garbage in or around the park. * Only those who purchased a paid garbage bag (including disposal fee) at the stall will be disposed of.遊 Use of playground equipment and fireworks are prohibited in the barbecue open space. ⑥ Pets are not allowed. ⑦ The tarp cannot use a rope. ▶ About bringing in combustible equipment ○ Applicable equipmentExternal charcoal fire barbecue stove with a bottom of 30cm or more from the ground, outdoor burner type stove × Unusable firearm Indoor tabletop stove / direct fire use / firewood use / large size Burning equipment / propane gas / seven wheels / things that are judged dangerous
12 years and under
6 years and under


Please check below and check the box on the left. ▶ Please be sure to check the deadline and fee for cancellation and change. ▶ Food plan with equipment ※ For reduced per person / Free change up to 3 days before use / 50% after 0:00 two days before use 80% after 0:00 on the day before the use / 100% after 0:00 on the day of use ② Rental equipment / Change of quantity until 9:00 on the day, free cancellation / Cancellation not possible after that (100%) ③ Place only / free, Communication required until 9:00 on the day ※ Cancellation fee will be charged regardless of the weather. * If you order a food plan, tarp will be provided free of charge in case of rain. * Outside of business hours, please leave your use date, name, cancellation and changes on your answering machine or contact us by email ( If you can not use it on the reservation day, please cancel immediately.

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