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We will suspend business until May 6th based on the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection and the announcement of the emergency declaration. (The period may change depending on the future situation.) You can apply from 10:00 on the same day three months before the day of use. ① Up to 1 site can be reserved for each reservation. * If you wish to use multiple sites, please apply by phone. ② There is a usage fee for the barbecue site. Weekdays: 1,852 yen / tax not included (per table) Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 2,315 yen / tax not included (per table) * Use fee includes garbage disposal fee. * Please pay on-site along with your order details. ③ When ordering the equipment + food plan, it is necessary to order for the number of adults. Also, when ordering the equipment + food plan, it is prohibited to bring fresh food from outside the garden for hygiene management. ④ We recommend using public transportation. From Hongodai Station, get off at the end of the Enoden bus "Kosugaya Kita Park" ⑤ There is no parking lot for barbecue. If you come by car, please use the paid parking lot at the park entrance. (The number of pay parking lots is limited.) ⑥ Please cancel the [Reservations for multiple sites on the same day] and [Reservations spanning multiple days] early so that many customers can use it. ⑦ You must apply in advance for Nagashi Somen. (BBQ Reservation Center: 050-5835-0493) If there is no application, we may refuse during busy times. Please follow the staff's instructions when implementing. We do not rent equipment or sell food ingredients related to Nagasomen in the park. ⑧ Bringing in a children's pool The size of the pool is less than 1 m, and you can use one per group. Please follow the staff's instructions when bringing your own items. Please be sure to check here as well. User Guide Cancellation Policy
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