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✅ We accept online reservations from 2 months in advance to the same day. For reservations for 8 people or more, please contact us by phone. * Only reservations for all-you-can-drink on the terrace will be notified by the day before depending on the weather. If the weather is not suitable for business, we reserve the right to cancel at the store (we will contact you).
✅ When it is crowded, seats will be available for 2 hours. If you cannot contact us within 15 minutes after the reservation time, if you do not contact the store, it will be automatically canceled on the day. We may contact you to confirm your reservation. In addition, reservations that cannot be confirmed by the day before will be cancelled.
✅ Preschoolers (under elementary school age) can be accompanied at lunch time, but dinner time is limited to private rooms all day (including weekends and holidays). Please note that dinner time can only be used in private rooms.
✅ No pets are allowed on the terrace seats after June 1, 2022. Please note.
✅ We do not accept reservations for "seats only" on the terrace. Please come directly on the day. Free flow reservations for champagne or sparkling are only available on the terrace. "This plan is for online reservation only. If you cannot get a seat, the number of reservations on the day has ended. Even if you contact us by phone, we will not accept reservations. Therefore, please refrain from making inquiries by phone.
★ All-you-can-drink time will start counting from the time of reservation. If you do not arrive without contacting the time of reservation start, 10 minutes Your reservation will be automatically canceled later. Even if you contact us, or if you are late, the all-you-can-drink time will not be counted after your arrival. Example) 19 Time reservation ⇒ If you do not contact us until 19:10 ⇒ It will be canceled automatically. 19:00 reservation ⇒ After contacting you, arrival will be 19:30 (All-you-can-drink time count will be from 19:00, 30 If the terrace is not open due to strong winds, typhoons, sideways rain, etc., we will contact you and cancel your reservation.
★ In case of rain, the terrace seats We will guide you to the place with the roof of.
★ We do not offer this all-you-can-drink in the store, so we can not move inside the store. Please proceed to the reservation after acknowledging the above precautions in advance.
5 years and under
3 years and under


If you have any food allergies, please specify in the requested field.
For entertainment, please enter the breakdown of the number of people and other requests. If you are traveling with children and are using a high chair or stroller, please enter the age and number of children. Dinner time will be provided only in private rooms for preschoolers.

【About Cancellation】
If you wish to cancel your reservation on the day of the reservation, please call the restaurant directly at 03-3263-5544 to inform us of your cancellation. If you do not contact us, you will be charged the same cancellation fee as above. Please understand this in advance.

★Cancellation up to the day before the reservation date: 50% of the total amount of the reserved dishes for the number of persons.

★Cancellation on the day of the reservation (including no-show, no notice, and with notice)

★Cancellation on the day of the reservation, regardless of the reason, will be charged 100% of the total amount of the reserved dishes for the number of persons.

★If you have a reservation in the restaurant and move to the terrace on the day of your reservation, we will treat it as a cancellation of the restaurant seating and you will be charged the default cancellation fee. We do not accept transfers from inside to terrace seating. Please understand this in advance.
If you cancel a reservation for seating only or for a meal that has not been confirmed, you will be charged the minimum course fee for the number of guests at the time of the reservation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

★Takeout items are subject to 100% cancellation fee after order placement.

当日にご予約を取消される場合は、キャンセル操作を行う際に、お手数ではございますが 直接店舗へお電話(03-3263-5544)にてお知らせいただきますようお願い申し上げます。 なお、ご連絡いただけない場合には上記同様の規定のキャンセル料を頂戴いたします。あらかじめご了承ください。

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