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▶If we are unable to contact you after 20 minutes of your reservation time, we will treat it as a cancellation and direct you to another customer. (Cancellation fee will be charged) ▶︎If there is an error in the phone number or email address entered at the time of reservation, the reservation may be treated as cancelled. ▶If you make a reservation for 3 people, you may be asked to sit at the counter. Please note. ▶︎Customers using strong perfumes may be refused entry. ▶︎Please note that many menu items may be out of stock after 8:30 pm. ▶Please note that we may not be able to respond to the requests you enter in the comments section, depending on stock availability and reservation status. If you have any requests, please contact us by phone. ▶ 1 person , 6 people or more Reservations and On the day For reservations, please contact us by phone. For inquiries by phone: 022-395-9150


Please note that if there is a last-minute cancellation or unauthorized cancellation, we will refuse your next reservation. *For seat-only reservations, a deposit of 5,000 yen per person will be required. (Payment will not be made. Please pay at the store on the day)

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