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* Please be sure to read before making a reservation * ■■ Reservation ■■ ◆ 4 / 4-4 / 8 For customers using "ayumi hamasaki 24th Anniversary CAFE" Business details and reservation rules are different from other business days. Please check here for details. --- ・ Advance payment by credit card is required for reservation.・ Please note that the reservation form differs depending on the business day / business hours / usage plan.・ Up to 4 people can make a reservation per group. If you make a reservation in multiple groups, we may not be able to guide you to the seats next to each other.・ Reservations can be made until 23:59 the day before the date of use. If there are vacant seats on the day of use, we will accept the use on the day at the store. ■■ Reservation cancellation / number change / refund ■■ ※important※・ If you wish to cancel after applying for a reservation, you can do so from the dedicated URL in the reservation completion email. In that case, please note that the following cancellation fee will be charged. Up to 2 days before use ・ ・ ・ 10% of the reservation price The day before use ・ Same day ・ ・ ・ 100% of the reservation price ・ If the performance at Pia Arena MM on the day of use is postponed or canceled If you wish, we will accept the cancellation of your reservation. We will refund the amount after deducting the settlement fee (10% of the reservation price), so please contact us by phone.・ Changes in the number of people reserved can be made by phone up to 2 days before the reservation date. ▶ Store phone number: 045-211-4169 (11: 00-20: 00) * We may not be able to accept your seat depending on the sales situation. ■■ Same-day usage rules ■■・ The last entry time for those who use the standard plan / special plan is one hour after the start time of use. If you arrive after the last entry time, please contact us by phone. Please note that if you do not contact us for more than 15 minutes, it will be canceled on the day. ▶ Store phone number: 045-211-4169・ When entering the store, please wait until the number of reservations is the same. We will confirm the name and phone number of the person who made the reservation at the entrance.・ You can enter and leave the store during the usage time. ■■ Request for measures against coronavirus infection ■■・ Please refrain from making reservations if you are traveling from overseas within the two weeks before the date of use. In addition, please refrain from visiting the store if you are not in good physical condition on the day of the event or if you are a close contact.・ Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands when you come to the store.・ We will measure the temperature when you come to the store. Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, or those who have obvious physical illness, may be refused entry. Click here for Pia Arena MM official website


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