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The usage method differs depending on the collaboration title. Please be sure to check the "Usage Instructions" on each collaboration details page before making a reservation.

◆Reservations are required, as reservations are required.
◆You can make reservations for up to 4 people per application.

The available reservation times (starting times) are as follows.
The information time may change depending on the congestion situation.
・11:00~ (LO.11:40) *Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
・12:30~ (LO.13:10)
・14:00~ (LO.14:40)
・15:30~ (LO.16: 10)
・17:00~ (LO.17:40)
・18:30~ (LO.19:10)
*During busy times, there will be a 70 minute time limit (LO 30 minutes earlier) than the above start time. I have received it.

《About visiting》
◆ Line up will begin 10 minutes before your reservation time, and you will be admitted in order. Please do not line up before that time.
◆You can enter the store even after the start time. (Please note that you will not be able to enter the store after the LO time.)
◆As reservations are required, we will not be distributing numbered tickets or providing information on waiting lists for cancellations.


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