About the facility This facility is a facility where you can feel the products and works created from our essence, philosophy and efforts with our expression and sensibility, not to mention the things that you can enjoy from nature. is. I will do my best every day so that you can feel straight. However, there are times when we cannot respond to the ideals of our customers, which are far from our policy. We kindly ask for your understanding before making a reservation. ● ELEZO, which is the operating body of this facility, has been making products by repeating many processes with the staff working together from the life before it becomes meat. We strictly refuse customers who cannot eat meat. Reservations ●Accommodation reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance, and reservations for meals can be made up to 30 days in advance. Consecutive nights cannot be used. ●The lodging building is designed for 2 people. It can be used by one person, but it will be more expensive. Thank you for your understanding. *For reservations for 2 or more people, please contact the facility directly. ●This facility is closed irregularly. About payment ●At the time of reservation, the reservation fee will be paid in advance using the credit card registered in advance. In addition, in principle, we do clear accounting, including tax and service charge, but if there is an additional charge when you visit us, please pay by contactless payment with your registered credit card. ( Click here for details.) ] Other precautions ① Above all, it is a space where you can feel our ingredients and dishes first. For the sake of other guests who are looking forward to your visit, please be considerate of the scent of perfume, which may interfere with important factors. ②We will do our best to serve the customers in front of us. On top of that, we welcome you to take pictures as a memory of yourself, but we do not want to take pictures to send to third parties, evaluation sites, and unspecified people. Therefore, we kindly ask for your understanding. (3) Naturally, we will do our utmost to accommodate ingredients with allergies. Please contact us in advance. Inquiries by phone: 0000000000000 *Please refrain from calling during business hours as much as possible.


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