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A full-course meal made with ingredients harvested and produced from our island. A unique dining experience where you will get to have a meal while gazing at the calm inner sea. The interior of the restaurant along with its location where you can see the sunset, with the view of the Dōzen Caldera reflected on the window gives a cozy feeling. It is truly a view that only can be enjoyed at a Geopark.
An original menu created with seasonal ingredients that we have been carefully selected from the island will make you feel relaxed and forget about the busyness of a normal everyday life.
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▶2 dinner time slots available: 17:00 and 19:30. Depending on the number of guests, the serving time may be delayed, please wait patiently as we try our best to serve you.
▶For reservations of 11 people or more, please contact us by phone call. Call: 08514-2-1000
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[Restaurants on the island]
Because it is a remote island, there are no convenience stores and there are not many restaurants. We recommend you make a reservation before arriving on the island.
【Click here for information on restaurants on the island (official website of the Oki Islands Geopark Management Bureau)]

[Cancellation policy]
Cancellation fees: 3 days before: 20% 2 days before: 50% On the day: 100%
For reservation of more than 10 people, cancellation 6 days prior to the reservation date will cost 30%
*No cancellation fee will be charged for ferry cancellations due to bad weather.
12 years and under
5 years and under


Please let us know if you have any allergies or dislike ingredients.
*Please fill in the details after entering the number of people.
*How many people are allergic to what? And to what level? Example: It is fine if you boil it or use it in soup stock.
If you are visiting with children, please fill in the ages of the children.
If you are staying at Entô, please enter the name of the person who made the reservation. *If you are not staying overnight at Entô, please write "not staying".

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