▶Please contact us if you need to change or cancel your reservation. If more than 30 minutes exceed the reserved time without your contact, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.
▶If crowded, available time for tables may be restricted.
▶Tables cannot be specified.
▶Please fill the occasions (e.g. birthday, business use) and food allergies or special requests about food in REQUEST below.
▶No smoking on premises.
▶【Cancellation Policy About Course Use】
・On the day: 100%
・3pm on the previous day: 80%
※Changing number of people included.
▶About private room use, 500JPY as cover charge will be charged per person at lunch and cafe time, and 1,000JPY at dinner time.
【Cautionary Points About Reservation】
※Reservation on the day may not be acceptable depending on conditions.
※Reservation up to 2 months in advance is acceptable.
※Reservations for all-chartered or semi-chartered use up to 2 months or more ahead in advance are also acceptable.
Please contact us at the restaurant or by phone for further information.

Phone number: +81 75 352 3714
7 years and under
3 years and under


Please fill the details in if you have any food allergies, cooking methods included.
E.g. raw NG, cooked OK...,etc.
※If you do not have any food allergies, please answer "None".
※If you have any special requests about food, please fill the details in QUESTION 3 below.
If there is pregnant customer among your group, please place the check mark in the appropriate options.
Please fill the details in if you have special requests about food.
※Please kindly understand that your requests may not be complied with depending on conditions.

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