- Reservations are accepted starting two months in advance.
- We will do as much as possible to accommodate seating requests, but they are not guaranteed.
- The reservation will be automatically canceled 30 minutes after the reservation time if no show. If you are running late, please contact us.
- For parties of 6 or more, please contact the restaurant directly for reservations
- Additional information, for the kids below 12years of age we can’t accommodate. Our restaurant doesn’t have kids meal, but if you gonna get the same meal as the adult we can process your reservation.

Thank you and looking forward to your reservation.

Phone number: +81-052-222-6252


Please inform us of all allergies and dislikes for us to accommodate you better.
example: - 1 person has shrimp allergy, shrimp stock included.
- Don't like raw onions, if cooked then It's okay. etc.
* If there is no known allergy, please write "None"
For a special occasion, eg. birthday, we can prepare a message plate. If you would like a message, please write the intended message below.
e.g. Happy Birthday XX, or Happy Anniversary etc.
If you have visited us before, when was the last time you did?

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