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* The best way to make a reservation for Fromatique is to use this site & Kaguraza card . If you have a Kaguraza card, please show the card or the official app at the time of payment. * If you have any allergies or foods that you are not good at, please fill in the request column. * Even on days when reservations are not possible, seats may be available if you contact the store directly. * You cannot specify your seat. Please note that. * If you want to change or cancel your reservation, please call the store directly (business hours from 11:00. Phone number 03-3267-1717). * Please be sure to contact us if you are late for the reservation time. If you do not contact us and the reservation time is over 30 minutes, we may cancel your reservation. Please note that. * If the phone number or email address you received when making a reservation is incorrect, the reservation may be canceled. Please enter the correct phone number and email address. * Customers who do not come to the store without contacting us may not be able to accept subsequent reservations. Please note that. Please contact the store directly for reservations such as corporate parties and various events. Phone number: 03-3267-1717 Email: For inquiries regarding coverage applications, photography, etc., please contact the public relations. Phone number: 03-3269-0003 (Public information of L'Alliance Group Co., Ltd.) Email: ・ Kagurazaka Racelette & Fondue Fromatique * Foreign languages are translated by machine.
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Please fill in if you have allergic ingredients or ingredients that you are not good at.
Please enter your address if you like. The L'Alliance Group will inform the customers who have filled in the information about great deals, music, wine and food event information, etc.

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