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※ Online Reservation Required Notice ※
- Reservation is possible when Afternoon Tea, Tapas Buffet or Bubbles Free Flow is selected.
- Afternoon Tea Part 1 13:30~15:00, Part 2 15:30-17:00
- Tapas Buffet 18:00~21:00
- Bubbles Free Flow Part 1 13:30~15:00, Part 2 15:30~17:00 Part 3 18:00~21:00 (90 minutes )
- Reservations can be made from 2 people or more.
- Window seats cannot be reserved: Window seats will be assigned in the order in which you made the reservation.
- Parking is free for 2 hours.
- The product cannot be used outside the reservation schedule specified at the time of purchase.
- Online reservations can be made up to 24 hours prior to the usage time.
- When using member and affiliate card discounts, please pay on-site.
- World of Hyatt points, a global Hyatt hotel chain's point system, are not accrued.
- Rate basis
# Adult rate: Junior high school student or 12 years old or older
# Child rate: 48 months or older & Elementary school students or children under 12 years old
# Bringing in and storing outside food is prohibited (ex: outside cakes, etc.)
– Food Safety Management System (ISO22000) Acquired Hotel.


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