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~Regarding your seat preference~
(At the moment, when you receive the reservation confirmation email, your desired seat is not confirmed.)
After confirming the availability of seats, we will contact you by phone again only when we can secure a seat.
increase. Please note that we will not contact you if we are unable to secure your desired seat.
*In the case of bad weather such as rain or strong winds, we will prepare seats for the open terrace seats inside the store, but if the seats are full, you may have to wait until a seat becomes available.
*Reservations for [11:00 to 18:30] are subject to a time system, and lunch time is a 2-hour system, and dinner time from 17:00 is a 2-hour 20-minute system. In addition, regarding terrace seats, we have received a time system all day. Depending on the congestion situation, it can be extended, so please contact us on the day.
*Children under elementary school age are allowed to use until 19:00 on weekdays. (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are available all day) In addition, the area will be limited.
* Coperto [table charge] after 17:00 and 10% late-night charge after 22:00.


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