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■When entering the number of people, please enter the total number of customers including children. ■Children under 2 years old do not need to select from the menu. ■For customers with food allergies - At Haimurubushi, we are doing everything possible to ensure that customers with food allergies can enjoy our meals. If you have any allergies, please contact us in advance. Customers may be asked to fill out a food allergy declaration form. At the restaurant venue, we display 7 specific allergen ingredients. Because the food is prepared in the same kitchen as other menu items, there is a possibility that trace amounts of allergens may be mixed in during the processing and cooking process. We use the same equipment, cleaning equipment, tableware, etc. as other menus. ■Only available to guests staying at the hotel. ■From April 1, 2024 to November 30, 2024, free admission for elementary school students and younger when accompanied by an adult family member. ■Dinner reservations made online are available until 16:00 on the same day. For subsequent reservations, please call [extension 5]. *For reservations for 10 or more people, please contact the restaurant. 0980-85-3111 *Please note that you cannot reserve your seat. *If we do not hear from you within 15 minutes of your reservation time, we may be forced to cancel your reservation. Please be sure to contact us if you will be late. *Smoking is prohibited inside the restaurant venue (including electronic cigarettes). ※The image is an image. Menu contents may change depending on the season.


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Please input when there are foods that are not good and allergies (possible / impossible of extract). In some cases, a representative will contact you.

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