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【Please note】

*Seating might be limited to 2.5 hours.
*At least one drink order required per guest.
*Non-smoking inside. (A smoking area is provided outside.)
*Strong perfumes, etc., may be cause for refused entry.
*Please refrain from using your mobile phone.
*Major credit cards are accepted.
*We only accept reservations of guests aged 13 and over, and all guests need to order Omakase courses.
*Please provide advance notice of any allergies, etc. Please note that we do not cater to requests for vegetarian or gluten-free dishes, etc., or for individuals sensitive to seafood/fish or raw foods. We thank you for your understanding.

*Since reservations require advance preparation of ingredients, we kindly request that you contact us as soon as possible in case of cancellation or change in seating number.
*If you cancel on the day, you will be charged the meal cost (including tax) for the number of people in your party.
*If you are more than 20 minutes late without notice, you will be charged for the cancellation on the day.


*Please provide advance notice of any allergies, etc.. Especially if you have allergies to "shellfish", more detailed information, such as shrimp, crab, and clams, is necessary.

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