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This is website for restaurant in Fukuoka Imaizumi.
Please be careful that you are not able to book a reservation for other store such as Shibuya, Kichijoji and Kyoto .

Message from Venue
■「online reservation system」
・There is a limited ticket in Fukuoka that is possible for advance registration.
・We guarantee that you can be seated at registered time preferentially without lining up from morning to join our waiting list by purchasing this ticket.
However,we are afraid that you can’t select a table.

■This service requires a seating fee of 1,000 yen per person, not included in the price of the meal.

・We will release this ticket of joining our waiting list on the first day of every month which ranges for the next month.
・There is an upper limit for these tickets, so we recommend that as soon as it is released, please try to purchase on the website.
・You are not able to join our waiting list over the phone.
※You are able to do only through this website.
・Please show your email to confirm that you can join our waiting list.
・Please come to our restaurant on the registered time in our waiting list and wait in front of our restaurant.
・We will call your name if we are ready to give you a seat.
・Please note that your registered time may give or take,depending on the availability of seats. You’ll be seated in the order of the waiting list.
・We are afraid that you are not able to select seats.
・You are able to join our waiting list for up to 4 people.
However, there is a high possibility that you and your company are able to have seats together.

■About price
Ticket price:1,000 yen (tax included)1/ per person ※all seats are counter.
-The charge is withdrawn from your registered credit card.

■Matters that you requres attention when you visit our restaurant

・If you are late 10 minutes for registered time, we regard that it would be canceled.
・Please buy some tickets for meals on the day from the machine in our restaurant.
・Please make sure that everyone who has a meal needs to buy a meal ticket.
・We are afraid that customers who are not supposed to have a meal can not have seats inside
・Please fold your stroller when you bring it to our restaurant.
・Please use a baby carrier for your baby.
We are afraid that we are not able to take responsibility when your baby gets hurt while having a meal without a baby carrier.
・Children who can’t be seated by themselves are allowed to use the chairs for safety purposes.
・Please make sure that you tell people your company about our notification.
・You are not allowed to give or sell the waiting list to others who are not supposed to visit our restaurant.
Customers including small children who are not to have a meal are asked to refrain from using the seats.

■Policy of cancelation
previous day:50%
on the day or without prior notice: 100%
-The cancellation fee will be withdrawn from the registered credit card if you cancel on the day or the previous day.

[November 29th only] Note about the1129 event.
Please note that only the special menu of ¥2,900 will be available on the day of the event.
No seat charge (1,000 yen per person) is required on this day.
Reservations for this date will be accepted from 11/15(Wed) 9:00.
Please visit for more details about the event.


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