Book at Teppanyaki Icho - hotel nikko fukuoka

■Please let us know the purpose of the meal (birthday, entertainment, etc.).
■We may not be able to accommodate your seat request. Please note.
■Prices shown include consumption tax and service charge.
■Please contact us by phone when making a reservation for a private room or for more than 5 people. (Reception hours 11:30-20:00)
■Private room/1 room for 3 to 7 people/Room charge 5,500 yen per room (tax included)
■Menu may change depending on the stocking situation.
■ The image shown is an image.
■All seats are non-smoking.
■There are restrictions on use during special periods (Golden Week, Christmas, New Year's holidays).
■<Cancellation> ・Online cancellations are accepted up to 2 days in advance.・For cancellations on the day, please contact us directly by phone.
12 years and under
4 years and under


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