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This reservation form can only assist in making reservations in Japanese.
If you wish to receive assistance in multiple languages, please kindly submit your request through the My Concierge form. Thank you.
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請直接於My Concierge Japan的預約頁面選擇您希望預約的店舖後提出申請,感謝您的配合。
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请直接于My Concierge Japan的预约页面选择您希望预约的店铺后提出申请,感谢您的配合。
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이 페이지는 일본어 예약만 대응하고 있습니다.
번거로우시겠지만 외국어 대응이 필요하신 경우 저희 닌교초이마한 외국어 페이지에 접속하셔서
'컨시어지 서비스로 예약하기'을 통해 예약을 신청해주시기 바랍니다.
컨시어지 서비스로 예약하기
15 years and under


Cancellation Policy

1. Reservations may be cancelled by e-mail, telephone, fax or via this page up to one day before the date of your reservation.
2. Late arrivals exceeding 20 minutes with no notice will result in a cancellation of your reservation and the no-show cancellation fee.
3. Cancellation fees:
● Up to one day before: no fee
● The day of: 50% of the cost of your reserved meal
● No-show: 100% of the cost of your reserved meal
If no meal was reserved we will apply the cost of a standard meal.

Cancellation fees may change without notice.
If you have children, please fill in their ages/months.
* We will prepare tableware for children in advance.
Is there any allergic ingredients?

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