Book at BAYSIDE BEER GARDEN “HAMA BEER” - ヨコハマ グランド インターコンチネンタル ホテル

【Please note that we may be unable to accommodate your requests for specific seating. 】
※Please understand that your table will be a 120 minute limit. ※Smoking is not permitted in the terrace at any time.  ※There is no dress code required. ※Hotel staff will provide and serve meals safely avoid cross contamination. ※In case, the beer garden will be rained out, or moved to other venue due to bad weather. ※Children fee: 0-4 years are free(Included in general rate), 5-12 years are ①1,000 yen as free-flow drink or ② 4,000 yen as free-flow drink and foods, over 13 years are general rate. ※Parking validation available (Minato Mirai Public Parking at underground of PACIFICO Yokohama); 1 hour free parking with purchases over 5,000 yen / 2 hours free parking with purchases over 10,000 yen. ※Please contact at +81(0)45 223 2267
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