INTERSECT BY LEXUS, unique bistro proposing “current Tokyo food styles” with seasonal ingredients.
We serve seasonal comfort foods of high quality; meanwhile, considering sustainability through emphasizing plant-based consciousness and food loss reduction.
Visit INTERSECT BY LEXUS to enjoy an impressive and exciting “food voyage”!
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【Requests To Guests】
・Please sanitize your hands when entering.
・Please wear your mask except when eating or drinking.

【To Guests Going To Reserve】
・Please note that tables cannot be designated. ※Image for illustration purposes only.
・Reservation for group above 5 people or other private party use, please inquire us at the restaurant or contact us by phone.
・Please note that online-limited plans cannot be used with other benefits or discounts at the same time.
・No smoking at all tables.
※Please note that menu details and prices may change according to situations.
☏: 03-6447-1540
12 years and under
4 years and under


If you have any food allergies, please write down on the answer column below.
Also, please inform our staff again on the day when you visit.

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