This page is Kamen Rider The Diner / Super Sentai restaurant common reservation form.
The Kamen Rider The Diner/Super Sentai Restaurant is located on the same floor, and you can enjoy both dishes and exhibits.

■ About business hours
Weekdays 12:00-21:00 (Last order 20:00)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-22:00 (Last order 21:30)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be "information on time change system".
①11:00-13:00 /②13:15-15:15 /③15:30-17:30 /④17:45-19:45/⑤20:00-22:00

■ To customers who are considering making a reservation
We are taking measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, so we appreciate your cooperation.
Safety measures
We will conduct a "temperature check" at the general reception on the first floor for all customers who visit the store.

When it is confirmed that the customer is not in good physical condition or the impact on other customers, etc.
For customers who cannot protect the store's worldview, we will speak to them and guide them at the discretion of employees.
Please note that


Available for 1 person.
We will charge a [table charge with novelty] of [500 yen] per person. (※Free for children under 2 years old)

■ Visit privilege (the picture is random distribution)
① Kamen Rider The Diner Rider Pattern Cookie ・ Original Coaster ・ Rider Mark Small Plate
Kamen Rider The Diner Official Page
② Super Sentai Restaurant A3 Original Placemat & Emblem Can Magnet
Super Sentai Restaurant Official Page
*You can choose Kamen Rider or Super Sentai, whichever you like, as a special offer.

■ About reservation of private room
※Available from 2 people or more.
※Reservations are only accepted by phone.
*If you use a private room, you will be charged "1,000 yen / 2 hours private room with novelty" per person.
※2 years old and under are free of charge.
* If the usage time is more than 2 hours, "extension fee 500 yen per hour" will be charged per person.
※ We will guarantee the usage time up to 2 hours.
(It is an automatic extension system. Depending on the reservation situation on the day, it may not be possible to extend)

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■We may contact you by phone or email to confirm your reservation details.
■We may suspend business without notice due to various transportation, bad weather, etc.
It is possible to take photos and post still images on SNS, such as in-store exhibits and autographs. Video recording is not allowed for mobile phones, smartphones, and home videos.
*Please refrain from uploading to any video posting sites such as Instagram stories, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc.

■Please be sure to enter your real name when making a reservation.
■We cannot respond to your request for seat assignments and transfers.

[Payment method]
Cash, credit cards, UnionPay, transportation IC, electronic money payment
(Paypay, LINEpay, Rakuten Pay, Alipay, QUICPay, Edy, ID, WAON, nanaco)

Due to the system, the number of children is not reflected in the number of reservations.
Please be assured that we can secure seats for the number of people.
12 years and under
2 years and under


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