Book at Marais Dor - 金沢東急ホテル

Enjoy an exceptional dining experience at Marais D'or in the prestigious Kanazawa Tokyu Hotel. 
Book your table now to indulge in exquisite dishes in an elegant setting.


**Important Information from Our Restaurant**
- If you have any food allergies or ingredients you dislike, please mention them in the special requests section when booking.
- Guests with food allergies should notify us at the time of reservation. Please be aware that we might not be able to accommodate severe food allergies as all our dishes are prepared in the same kitchen, which may lead to cross-contamination. Consult with your physician and decide accordingly.
- Guests with allergies may receive a follow-up call for confirmation.
- All our seating is non-smoking🚭.
- We may not be able to accommodate specific seating requests; please understand in advance.
- Please inform us of the occasion for your meal (e.g., birthday, business meeting).
- Menu items may change due to ingredient availability.
- We do not serve alcohol to drivers.
- If we cannot contact you within 30 minutes of your reservation time, we may have to cancel your booking, so please inform us if you will be late.
- For reservations of 17 or more people, please contact the restaurant directly.
- Images are for illustrative purposes only.

For inquiries by phone, please call: 076-231-3913
12 years and under
5 years and under


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