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[For customers coming by car]
The parking lot in Kasai Rinkai Park will be very crowded during the Golden Week period (April 29th to May 7th), so it may take some time to arrive.
Please come to the store with plenty of time, or use public transportation.
*There is no parking service.

"Nagisa Barbecue" is located in the park after going to the sea from Kasai Rinkai Koen Station and crossing the bridge over the canal.
You can easily enjoy BBQ with a plan that includes equipment and tableware. We are working on SDGs by using sustainable ingredients and eco-fuels.
The seaside park where you can come into contact with nature is perfect for families with active children and holidays with friends.

To use the Nagisa Barbecue, you must make a reservation in advance, even if it is just the location</b> .
Please make a reservation online here.
There are 3 types of usage.
[A] Type in which our shop prepares equipment and ingredients
This is an empty-handed plan that includes a grill, table, and chairs. Garbage collection is also included, so you can use it with confidence.

*Please bring your own drinks (including alcohol).
[B]Type that our shop prepares only equipment
If you would like to bring your own food and drinks and want to rent individual grills, tables, chairs, etc., click here.
[C]Type that our store prepares only for the place
Click here if you have equipment and would like to prepare ingredients and drinks.

<<Terms of Use>>
Unauthorized business activities in the park (including rental equipment and delivery from catering companies, etc.) are not allowed. Please prepare equipment and ingredients in advance before coming to the store.
▶If you order a food plan with equipment, please order for the number of people (excluding children under 12 years old). Also, for hygiene reasons, please refrain from bringing in ingredients that require heating from outside the park.
We cannot use large tents, tarps, pegs, etc. at this barbecue area. Tent size is up to 3m x 3m.
Please use a tent that can be moved immediately, such as a one-touch tent.
Please rent a tent that can be used at the time of reservation or at the barbecue reception. (Cannot be used in stormy weather or strong winds)
For customers who use the food plan, we will prepare one tent free of charge only in case of rain. (Cannot be used in stormy weather or strong winds)
Please check with the store for details. Please note that there is no shade in the area.
・Open fire is prohibited. Be sure to use a stove, etc.
・Open fire is prohibited. Be sure to use a stove, etc.
・The water facilities in the park are "only for washing hands and feet", so you cannot wash equipment and ingredients.
・Trash (including charcoal and ash) can be collected even on the day of the event if you take it with you or purchase a special bag for a fee. Please ask the staff.
*It is strictly prohibited to throw garbage in the trash cans in the park, including Kasai Rinkai Park. Burying charcoal and ash in the ground can lead to fires and is very dangerous.
・Do not use firearms except in designated areas.
・Please smoke in designated areas. Smoking is prohibited in the park.
・Please refrain from actions that may disturb other users, such as fireworks, karaoke, using musical instruments and amplifiers, and raising your voice.
・Do not damage plants or dig holes or trenches in sandy or grassy areas without permission.
・Swimming is prohibited in all areas of Kasai Seaside Park. It is dangerous, so please do not enter the water while under the influence of alcohol.
・Barbecuing in the tent near the water supply facility is prohibited, including in rainy weather.
・Please be careful when handling firearms, such as burns and spread of flames.
・In addition, please follow the instructions of the staff.
12 years and under
5 years and under


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