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<<Information about the nearest station>>
The nearest station to our shop is Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station / Tozai Line Kiba Station/Monzen-Nakacho Station.
Please be careful not to make a mistake when you visit us.

We have a counter table only.
The time limit is 1hour 45mins per reservation.
*We change the time schedule in case of a special event occasionally.

▶︎We do not accept the reservation on the day.
▶︎We do not accept seats designation. We may not be able to answer to your question in the request box. We kindly ask for your understanding.
▶︎Please make sure to cancel by 24hours before the reservation time by the email you registered, if you need to cancel.
*If you want to change the time or number of people, please make sure to cancel it first, and make a reservation again.
▶︎ We might cancel your reservation automatically if you are running late 20min or more.
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