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●Children under 6 years old are not permitted. For parties with children aged 6 or older, please include them in the number of adults in your reservation. If you have children who have special food requirements, please make a reservation by email at

●Online reservations and changes to reservations are accepted before 8:00 p.m. on the day seven days prior to the desired date of visit

● For the following cases, please contact us by email at
- Reservations or changes after the end of online reception
- Reservations for tatami rooms
- Reservations for 9 or more people
- Reservations more than 3 months in advance
- Use of meal vouchers or coupons

●At the time of reservation, we keep your credit card information for the purpose of claiming a cancellation fee but the settlement will not be done, so please make the payment at the store on the day of your visit.

●Also, we don’t recommend the use of debit cards, prepaid or account-direct credit cards since the amount will be deducted on the spot though the payment at the store will still be required. Please take a look at the below website for more details and please use a credit card.
※Precautions for debit/prepaid card transactions≫Click here for details.≪

Even in the event that we are fully booked online, we may be able to accept your reservation, so please contact us by email at at

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If you have any food allergies or preferences, please be sure to fill in the details. If there is nothing in particular, please state “None.”

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