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・If we are unable to contact you after 30 minutes of your reserved time, we will have no choice but to treat your booking as cancelled, so please make sure to contact us in advance.
・Please avoid strong perfumes and excessive fabric softener scents, as we want you to enjoy the delicate aromas of the food and wine.
・For bookings of more than 5 people or with children, please email us.
・Please take care not to disturb other guests when taking photographs of the restaurant and its food, and refrain from using sound-producing equipment.

【 About our cuisine 】
Our cuisine is an omakase course that aims to offer dishes that can only be enjoyed in that season and in that region.
Therefore, if you have a number of ingredients that you do not like, we may not be able to accommodate you even if you have made a reservation.

【Not supported 】
We are sorry, but we do not support you if you fall into one of the following categories.
・do not eat dairy products.
・Do not consume meat broth as well as the meat itself.
※It is possible to change the main meat to vegetables, but not to remove the broth from all dishes.

【Entry time】
Please come to the restaurant between the following entry times
lunch 11:45~12:00(12:00start)
dinner 17:15~17:30(17:30start)

There is no parking at the restaurant.
Please use nearby parking.

【For guests with children】
In the interests of dietary education, infants and children who are not eating are welcome in the restaurant.
Please make a reservation by e-mail if you are bringing children.
We are happy to offer small quantities in the menu.

【Cancellation charges】
In the event of cancellation or change of number of persons, the course fee will be charged as follows, starting from the date and time of the booking.
From 3 days before: 50%.
From the day before: 100%.

【Telephone enquiries】



If you have any allergies or weak ingredients, please fill in.

ex) One woman doesn't like chicken, but the soup stock is OK.
If "None", please write "None".

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