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※ Creative Workshop R&R
※Please note that if there are many guests on the day, the program may be closed early.

*Creative Workshop 18:20-18:50 (5-7 years old) You must select 18:15 minutes when selecting the program.

*Please make a reservation with the name of the room reservation person.
*The program is available once a day.(The same program cannot be used repeatedly.)
However, customers who use it for consecutive nights can use it once per night.
*Please check the status of the reservation in the text link sent. (Waiting -> Entry is allowed.)
*Check-in customers can make reservations after 12 o'clock.
*Check-out customers can make a reservation until 12 o'clock.
*If the room number, reservation code, and date of birth (gender) in the question below are incorrect, it will be canceled.

1. The hotel creative workshop at Legoland Korea Resort is a facility exclusively for hotel guests.
2. Creative workshops are conducted in different age groups by time zone.
3. One guardian must attend the 5-7-year-old program
You need to make a reservation including the number of guardians.
The program between the ages of 8 and 13 is conducted as a parish for two people, and for less than eight people, it is conducted as a parish for one person.
5. The session will be held according to the progress of the master, and you cannot take the used brick out.
6. All programs can be entered 5 minutes before the start.
7. Food is prohibited.


This facility is dedicated to guests of Legoland Korea Resort Hotel.
Please fill in the room number if you checked in, and if it's before check-in, please fill in the reservation code.
Please contact the reception on the 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel for the reservation code.
If the room number or reservation code is not confirmed, the reservation may be canceled.
Please fill in the birth date of the child participant.
Please note that if the age group is different, it will be automatically canceled, and we are helping you enter after checking your reservation at the desk on the second floor, so you need to visit the desk before entering. Also, you need to make a reservation under the name of the person who made the reservation.

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