★Friday, July 3rd Grand OPEN★

▶We really recommend that customers should have enough time (at least one hour) for meals before the show starts.
  1st session : 18:00〜21:00(SHOWTIME 19:30〜)
  2nd session:21:00〜23:30(SHOWTIME 22:00〜)
▶Please contact us if you are late, otherwise, your reservation can be cancelled anytime after 30 minutes.
▶Please select the number of people including babies.
▶Please make direct inquiries about any reservations for 13 people and more.

※Reservations can be accepted three months earlier.
We are terribly sorry, but any future reservations from three months onward are not available. (098-989-4320)


If you are allergic to any particular food or ingredients, please let us know.

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