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■ It will be handed over at the store. ■ Ordering from the Internet From 1 month to 7 days before during business hours becomes. If it is past 7 days, we can accept it if there is space. Please call to confirm. When including character (logo) icing cookies Until 10 days before business hours becomes. ■ Please order one item at a time. ■For parties and doll cakes, please make a reservation by phone at least 10 days in advance. ■If there is no design you want in the item, please make a reservation by phone. ■If you do not have a credit card, please apply in person or by phone. The price of the item you select is set to the lowest price, so the actual total price will be finalized over the phone. [Please read before making a reservation] ■ Please note that the actual finished product may differ from the customer's image, as the custom-made cakes are hand-made one-by-one and not machine-made. ■ Please note that if you make a reservation with photos from other stores, the finished image and color may differ. ■ Cakes and icing cookies that use colored cream may bleed over time. Especially when dark colors are used, color bleeding may occur severely. Please note. ■ We cannot accept changes or repairs after the cake has been handed over, so please make sure that the design and message are correct when handing over the cake. Inquiries by phone: 052-228-8262 *If you don't know what to choose or how to order, please feel free to contact us by phone.


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